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Award-winning actress, Toyin, was born and raised in San Francisco by her Nigerian father and American mother. She comes from a long family line of artists, teachers and world travelers.  Since childhood, Toyin has lived in a world of art and creativity. She first took to acting at 10 years of age with the Young Performer's Theater Company in San Francisco. Since then she has performed in film, television and on stages all over the country as well as London, England. Toyin won the Best Lead Actress NAACP Theatre Award for her role as Yolande in the Robey Theatre Company's production of Knock Me A Kiss. In addition she was nominated for the NAACP Theatre Award Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actress in the Robey Theatre Company's The Reckoning and Playwright's Arena's Bonded. hello!

If She Had to Choose:
Color: blue
Flower: peonies and dahlias
Music: Don't Smoke in Bed - Nina Simone
Book: Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke and Kindred by Olivia Butler
Time of day: dawn
Marathon she has run: New York City Marathon
Food: my father's Nigerian egusi stew with eba. (Runner up: hush puppies and fried okra)
Favorite City she has visited: Havana, Cuba
Favorite sound: my father speaking Yoruba
Person I admire: my 3 siblings
Inspiration: stories from my mother's childhood


Can you imagine a childhood without ART?  Unfortunately many children do, as ART is one of the first line items to be cut in state budgets across the country.  Ironically, studies prove that children involved in ART have increased test scores, a lower drop out rate and higher motivation and problem solving skills.  Since 2010, Toyin has served on the Young Professionals Advisory Board for Inner-City Arts, a non-profit organization located in Los Angeles' Skid Row.  Inner-City Arts, regarded as one of the nations most effective arts education providers, offers ART education to low income children.  Toyin, whose childhood was filled with ART believes it is the universal language and is an advocate for early childhood arts education. 

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."  -Mahatma Gandhi